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McCrary Calls Steelers' Blount 'Soft' For Complaining About Suggs Hit

Michael McCrary is a member of the 2000 Ravens Superbowl Champion team (aka The Greatest Defense Of  All-Time), a 10 year NFL veteran & two time pro-bowler.

Michael joined Ed and Steve to talk about the Steelers calling Terrell Suggs a dirty player because of a hit on Steelers running back LeGarrette Blount.



Michael came out of the gate swinging when asked what he thought about Blount's comments about Suggs being a dirty player saying

"I was surprised that Blount  came out and said it was a cheap speaks to football today...and it shows he's soft...if Suggs wanted to hurt him easily he could have."

"I'm embarrassed for Blount....It's a disgrace for this guy to come out & complain about this hit."

"Suggs hit him right where this guy would least be injured....he hit him in the best spot possible without injuring the guy."

Michael also talked about the 2000 Superbowl year and the offensive struggles and how difficult it was to stay together as a team.


Steeler's Guard Ramon Foster obviously had a different point of view when he talked about the hit to 93.7 The Fan in Pittsburgh.

"That was unnecessary," Foster said. "You know he's going to the ground. There's three of your other guys, three of your teammates on top of him. There's no other place that he can go in. To say that he wasn't aiming low, or the fact that the whistle wasn't blown, there's a certain point that you have to respect a guy's livelihood, the way LeGarrette feeds his family."

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