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Where's Marty? Getting Prehistoric At The Maryland Zoo

Hi everyone!

It was a soaking wet morning and, to be honest, it made for a very surreal setting at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore. In an area that frankly I had never seen are 28 animatronic dinosaurs.

These dinosaurs are life-sized and do more than blink. They're very animated and set in this "Old Growth" part of the Zoo that was kept pristine when Druid Park was envisioned. You walk through hills, valleys and dells where the 28 creatures are placed in a natural setting.

One thing you can count on is that I will never tell you something is "worth it" or "really cool" if I do not mean it. And I am telling you that this prehistoric exhibit is worth the trip. Kids, even little ones, will love it and adults will appreciate it.

Over the next five months, this prehistoric forest will entertain us. The Zoo also plans to host evening activities for adults to enjoy some beverages and walk among the beasts.

A good look around the Zoo's website will bring these activities into clearer focus, especially the children's programs. There's also a nifty dinosaur exhibit-specific page on the site.

I did tell my wife we will be doing one of these nights out at the Zoo. On a warm night, it would be totally worth it and really cool. Believe that!

Have a good weekend and happy Mother's Day!

- Marty B!

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