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Legal Analyst Jason Bonk On The NFL Upholding The Tom Brady Suspension

Jason Bonk is a lawyer on the Chair of O'Connor's Sports Law practice and a self-proclaimed sports encyclopedia.

Jason joined Ed and Steve to talk about the legal implications of the NFL upholding Tom Brady's suspension.

Steve asked Jason about the arguments that the NFL and that Tom Brady have in this case. Jason thinks both sides have a good case to make, with the NFL having "an argument because of Tom Brady's lack of cooperation. Destroying the phone is something he should not have done."

Steve asked Jason what he he would recommend Tom Brady do when he is approached by the media as training camp starts. Jason said that "as an attorney its business as usual, as an agent I would recommend that he doesn't talk to the media and lets the case play out in court."

Ed asked Jason if he thought the truth of deflate-gate might not come out in this court case. Jason believes that that is a very likely possibility adding that the court case will be more about procedural matters.

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