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Justin Tucker Celebrated His New Contract By Getting A Potbelly Sandwich

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- What is it with the Baltimore Ravens and their fast food restaurants?

After signing a contract that gives him a $29 million bonus and $52 million guaranteed, Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco celebrated like anyone would -- with a 10-piece McNuggets meal.

Ravens kicker Justin Tucker just landed a contract with the most guaranteed money of any kicker in NFL history and he apparently needed his Potbelly turkey sandwich more than anything.

Tucker said to the press on Friday, "I had to postpone this conference call for about 10 minutes because I was in line at Potbelly's getting sandwiches for me and Amanda and my in-laws as a thank you to them for letting me use their fax machine."


In 2012, Tucker celebrated being signed by the Ravens with a burrito and chips and guacamole from Chipotle.

The entirety of the "Wolf Pack" is now signed through 2018.

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