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Huguely Laments Lacrosse Star's Death In Interrogation Tapes

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- For the first time ever, we're hearing from the man convicted of killing Yeardley Love--the UVA lacrosse player from Baltimore County.

Mary Bubala reports for WJZ.

The police interrogation tape moved a jury to find George Huguely guilty of second-degree murder in 2012.

"Twenty-two years old," Huguely said. "Twenty-two and her life is done. Oh my God, kill me."

Yeardley Love graduated high school from Notre Dame Preparatory School in Towson. She was a star lacrosse player at the University of Virginia, just three weeks shy of graduation.

George Huguely was the All-American boy from Chevy Chase, Maryland -- also a star lacrosse player.

His interrogation tape is chilling. Huguely is questioned for hours after his arrest in May of 2010.

He admits he had been drinking when he kicked in Yeardley's door, but says she was hitting her own head against the wall.

Detective: "What happened next?

Huguely: "She just kept hitting her head against the wall while she was sitting on the bed. I grabbed her and shook her and was like, 'Stop. We need to talk about this.' I was holding her arms and stuff."

A coroner ruled that Yeardley Love died from blunt force trauma. A jury -- even after seeing his anguish -- determined it happened at the hands of George Huguely.

"I didn't get out of control," Huguely said in the police interrogation. "She's not dead. No way she's dead. I didn't do it. No way."

Huguely is serving a 23-year prison sentence at the Augusta Correctional Center. He's set to be released in 2029.

Huguely appealed his case to the U.S. Supreme Court, but it declined to hear it. All of his legal appeals have been exhausted.

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