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Heated Battle Over Immigration Continues In Baltimore County Rally

Towson, Md. (WJZ)-- The heated battle over immigration continues in Baltimore County with some families wondering what's next.

Voices echoed through the streets of Towson as the heated debate over immigration policies continues to make noise.

"We're hearing this across the country and we need to treat each other as human beings," says Elizabeth Alex, regional director for CASA.

Dozens rallied with CASA Tuesday as the county council's three Republican members push for a bill that calls for screening county jail inmates for immigration violations.

"This is grandstanding at its worst at the part of my Republican colleagues," says Vicki Almond of the Baltimore County Council.

Some families are afraid to drop their children off at school or even go to work, because they don't know what could happen.

The county executive says if the president and governor won't come to their aid then he will.

County Executive Kevin Kamenetz has even signed an executive order to prohibit county police officers from asking anyone's immigration status back in April.

"This is time for leaders to stand up and be counted, and oppose hatred and bigotry," Kamenetz says.

For Aixa Nunez the uncertainty is real.

[Reporter: Do you guys live in fear every day?]

"We basically do, yes," Nunez says.

The 17-year-old often worries if her mother will even make it home from work.

"Most people worry about other things, like what classes I'm going to take for college after my senior year, and I'm worried about my family being separated," she says.

While CASA has gained a lot of support in Towson, there's been other top leaders across the State who haven't been on board.

The screening program, known as 287-G, is what both Harford County and Frederick County jails participate in.

"Those individuals, many being convicted violent criminals, are going to be released back into our streets and your neighborhoods," says Frederick County Sheriff Charles Jenkins.

Kamenetz says as long as he's in charge, Baltimore County won't be implementing what he calls "un-American."

"Should it pass, be assured, I will veto it," he says.

A public hearing was held on the bill Tuesday, the council could vote on it June 5.

The Trump Administration has threatened to withhold federal funding from so called "sanctuary cities."

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