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Haynie & Zinno Power Rankings Week 9

Here are the world's best power rankings for your pleasure. Feel free to debate us ... but we will tell you why you are wrong!



1. FALCONS – just another win for the team that is looking more like a machine.

2. BEARS – when your defense scores as much as your offense, it's scary!

3. TEXANS – not an impressive win, but still best in the AFC, by a decent margin.

4. 49ERS – have control over their division. Now must take control of conference.

5. PACKERS – look out Bears. If they slip up, the Pack will be there to take over.

6. GIANTS – gave a gift to the Steelers and Eli has played bad in his last 3 games.

7. PATRIOTS – expect their holes to be filled during the bye week.

8. RAVENS – this team doesn't worry about style points. And they shouldn't.

9. STEELERS – Big Ben just wins games.  And he takes advantage of your mistakes.

10. BRONCOS – Peyton Manning is playing like the guy of old. That D is good too.

11. SEAHAWKS – too bad this team has to play on the road. They don't lose at home.

12. COLTS – playing inspired football. Playing fundamental football. And winning.

13. DOLPHINS – a tough loss on the road, but this is a team in the playoff hunt.

14. LIONS – starting to turn things around. It just may be too late in that division.

15. VIKINGS –the wheels are coming off the wagon, but AP is not even human.

16. BUCCANEERS – the most underrated offense in the league.  It's dangerous.

17. COWBOYS – it's simple. This team can't close.  If they could, Big D would be happy.

18. RAMS – all of a sudden the NFC West is a tough division. It's because of the Rams.

19. CARDINALS – the offense has become punchless. And now the defense is weak.

20. EAGLES – bad QB play, injuries, and coaching have all made this season a mess.

21. REDSKINS – when the coach publicly calls it quits, things are going bad.

22. CHARGERS – still in second in the AFC West by a game. Norv needs to save his job.

23. SAINTS – starting to look like the Saints of last year … at least offensively.

24. BILLS – Ryan Fitzpatrick is starting to look like the wrong decision.

25. JETS – Rex Ryan is "giddy" about coming out of the bye.  That's nice.

26. BENGALS – they hang in almost every game for a little over 3 quarters. Not enough.

27. RAIDERS – Carson Palmer has never been this inconsistent in his career.

28. PANTHERS – it's win. Granted, it was over the Redskins. But it was a win.

29. BROWNS – another tough, close loss. It's progress … somewhat.

30. TITANS – that was just embarrassing. And the owner even said so.

31. JAGUARS – I wonder if they are starting to pack for Los Angeles?

32. CHIEFS – at least they can't lose during the bye. But they did turn the ball over.



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