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Group Speaks Out Against Bottled Water In Md.

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) -- There was a taste test in Annapolis Tuesday.  A group of environmentalists asked the state to stop using bottled water.

Political reporter Pat Warren explains it could be a money saver.

It's part of a pitch to ditch the plastic.  A group called Corporate Accountability is betting you can't tell the difference between bottled water and tap water.

"I think [cup C] is bottled water and [cup A] is bottled water," said Betsy Tolentino.

But cup A was tap water.

The tap-tasting challenge is the work of environmentalists to urge the state to stop using bottled water.

"It's sending the wrong message," said Nellie Baldwin, Think Outside the Bottle.

According to the group, the state paid $200,000 for bottled water in state facilities in 2009.  A spokesperson for Governor Martin O'Malley says that's because there are some areas of buildings where people don't have access to taps.

But their challenge goes out to folks at home, as well.

"I think the take away message from the tap water challenge is all of the water is delicious.  There's no real difference, except you're buying from a corporation what is freely available for a nominal fee," said Baldwin.

"I failed miserably.  All taste pretty much the same," Tolentino said.

The governor's office has already asked for a review of the use of bottled water and eliminated it where it doesn't make sense.  Maryland ranked first in the nation in clean water spending.

Tuesday is World Water Day.

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