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'I Could Have Lost My Life' | Greyhound Bus Catches Fire In Baltimore County Along I-95 Tuesday

BALTIMORE COUNTY, Md. (WJZ) -- A Greyhound Bus caught fire along I-95 in Baltimore County on Tuesday, sending passengers running for their lives.

Brian McCoy's ride from New York to Washington D.C. was supposed to be about five hours long. Instead, what he got, was a night that ended up being so much longer than originally expected.

McCoy said he knew something was wrong when the bus driver yelled for someone to hold the emergency brake.

"This was probably two hours into the trip, and people are looking around, and it's kind of foggy inside," McCoy said. "But I didn't think there was any fire. I thought it was like a radiator problem that buses have."

McCoy said the bus was still moving while it was on fire and that he was faced with a decision.

"Everybody is like get off the bus, get off the bus," he said. "I was seated in front, so I can't hold up the line, so I just grabbed my bags and left the bus without my phone, my debit cards and just with one shoe."

When daylight hit, the passengers finally saw the incinerated bus.

Greyhound gave McCoy a refund of his $24 ticket and a $30 voucher.

"I could've lost my life that day, so really thinking back to being grateful for your life and live it to the fullest," McCoy said. "I think everybody should have something like that."

McCoy said it was a blessing that nobody got hurt.

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