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War of Words: Bloodshed Continues In Baltimore As Governor, Prosecutor Fight Over How To End Violence

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- A war of words between Governor Larry Hogan and City State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby over violent crime has heated up as people keep getting shot and killed in Baltimore every day.

Since they both criticized each other at separate news conferences Tuesday, there have been at least two homicides and one non-fatal shooting as well as a stabbing in Northwest Baltimore.

A man was shot in the head Wednesday afternoon in West Baltimore.

"People come up to me and say can you fire the state's attorney in Baltimore City?" Hogan asked while making remarks at the State House. Hours later, Mosby accused the governor of being "more concerned with pointing the finger at everyone else than actually leading."

Mosby said, "Just like Donald Trump, Larry Hogan has used Baltimore City as a punching bag."

Hogan has been critical of Mosby's decision not to prosecute non-violent crimes and has threatened to cut her funding unless Mosby provides information on plea deals she has struck, cases she has chosen not to prosecute and those cases where her office has reduced charges.

"We also need a prosecutor who will actually prosecute violent criminals," Hogan said.

"The hypocrisy of campaigning to refund the police while defunding prosecutors is not lost on the citizens of Baltimore City. He's attacking me again, disrespecting me again," Mosby told reporters.

Hogan plans to meet with Mayor Brandon Scott—alone. The two have sparred over crime strategy before, but this time Scott is staying above the fray.

"When I have something to say to the governor, I say it like a man to him. He has no problems getting meetings with me and vice versa. We're going to do that. And we are going to handle these things together."

Hogan also wants the General Assembly to consider emergency legislation next month that toughens penalties for people caught with illegal guns and those who supply guns used in crimes. It would also target judges Hogan perceives as too lenient: Tracking and publicizing the sentences they give to violent offenders.

"I know there are a couple of Baltimore City council members who want to eliminate the police department. I can tell you that almost nobody agrees with them," Hogan said.

"Why is his only solution to crime more police and mandatory minimum sentences?" questioned Mosby.

The governor said more money will be provided to Baltimore for lighting and security improvements and state law enforcement agencies are assisting in patrols.

The city has seen several high-profile killings. Sixty-nine-year-old Evelyn Player was stabbed to death inside her church in East Baltimore. There is a person of interest in the case, and the governor has offered a $100,000 reward.

In West Baltimore, a makeshift memorial sits outside the Lillian Jones Rec Center, where 13-year-old Maliyah Turner was killed. A neighbor who asked not to be identified told Hellgren he watched Turner's final moments. "What I heard was the two shots. She had her eyes open, and she was breathing. That was her last breath. Let's get justice for the family. I hope they find the criminal who did this to her."

Baltimore police announced an increased reward of $21,000 for information that leads to an arrest. They are now receiving assistance from the ATF. You can call Metro Crime Stoppers at 1-866-7-LockUp.


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