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Eye On The Enemy: Houston Astros

Brian McTaggart covers the Houston Astros for, he joined Scott and Jeremy to take a look at the Astros surprising season and their series with the Orioles. Houston currently sits a top the American League West, Scott asked Brian what it's like to follow an Astros team that has finally reached the top of the division and how the city has gotten behind the team. "It's certainly different to look at the division every day and see the Astros with the best record in baseball, which they have had recently. It is fun to cover, it's different. The games have more meaning for this team and around Houston than they have in years. Three straight 100 loss seasons and last year they improved to only lose 92 games and now they're poised to take another huge step forward if they can keep it up all summer."

Houston has not had a star since the days of Jeff Bagwell and Craig Biggio, Brian talked about the Astros next star, Jose Altuve. "He's not a surprise anymore and in fact the all-star voting totals came out today and in the first round of updates came out and he's got a huge lead at second base. So I think everybody knows who he is now and he's got a good shot to start in the all-star game."

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