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Del. Dwyer Responds To Drunken Boating Crash Charges

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ)-- Maryland Del. Don Dwyer faces a number of charges after operating a boat over the summer while intoxicated.

The state's attorney's office says Delegate Dwyer's blood alcohol content was .24.--three times the legal limit-- when his boat collided with a second boat on the Magothy River back in August.

The Republican state delegate from Anne Arundel County faces a number of charges, including operating a vessel under the influence of alcohol.

And the other boat operator  was also charged with a Rules of the Road violation, accused of failing to slow down or take other steps to avoid the collision.

Del. Dwyer has issued the following statement in response to the charges issued Thursday:

"I am regretful that I unwisely chose to operate a boat after drinking alcohol. From the beginning I have admitted my error in judgment. I am grateful that DNR has finally concluded their investigation, and I am gratified that the findings do not reflect blame for the accident on me as is apparent in the resulting citations and the fact that the other operator was also charged.

"Though the media has reported that I collided with the other boat involved in the accident, the fact is my boat was struck and sank as a result of being hit in the left side.

"I sincerely wish for the continued recovery of all injured. I look forward to resolving this issue legally and moving forward. I ask forgiveness from the citizens who have looked to me to represent them with honor and integrity in the General Assembly, and I intend to prove my personal temporary difficulties did not and will not affect my ability to represent my constituents fully and completely with character and trustworthiness in the future.

"Further comment concerning the pending legal matters will have to wait until the court case has concluded."

Several people were injured in the collision, including children.

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