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La Canfora: Ray Rice Being Held To 'Incredibly Unrealistic Standard'

Rice has wasted no effort, as his window of opportunity closes, to convince any one of the 32 NFL teams that he's worth taking a gamble on. Jerry Coleman and Ross Grimsley spoke to Jason La Canfora about their in-depth interview with Ray Rice and more. 

Canfora began by saying, "I don't know that what what he did, as horrific and horrendous as it was, should mean that you now have no career, and you're not allowed to do what you do best and you have a monopoly of 32 teams, a cartel almost, tell you that we're just going to blackball you because the horrendous thing you did just happened to be caught on video tape. I just think the whole thing is just unfortunate."

"The fact that he can't get a phone call...I think he's being held to an incredibly unrealistic standard," Canfora continued.

Ray Rice is still very much involved with the Baltimore community and has ongoing charity work, has taken huge strides to right his wrongs and has vowed to donate his salary if hired by the NFL.

Rice wants the opportunity to share his message with rookies, youth and players in the NFL. He stated, "I know that there's something there that I can help with, whether its in the locker room or in the community." If there was one guy who took his situation and owned it from day one and is doing everything he can to make his wrongs right, it's Ray Rice.

If the NFL is really going to take domestic violence seriously, they need to reassess what they're doing to Ray Rice. "I think it says more about the NFL, than it does about Ray Rice," commented Canfora.

Listen to the full recap on 105.7 the Fan below:

Will Ray Rice one day get another chance? Now that he's healthy, would the Ravens give him another shot?

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