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Bus Catches Fire On 95; No Injuries Reported

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- A Metro bus went up in smoke early Wednesday afternoon while being towed to another location.

Rochelle Ritchie has more on what caused the bus to go up in flames.

According to officials with the Maryland Transportation Authority, as the bus was being towed, the brakes caught fire---sending the bus into a ball of fire.

It was an unexpected photo opportunity for drivers along I-95 as fire crews with Baltimore City worked quickly to put out large flames that sent a Metro bus up into an inferno.

"It appears the bus brakes caught fire," said Sgt. Glend McGuire, MdTA police.

Officials with the Maryland Transportation Authority say the bus was being towed through the Fort McHenry tunnel when the tow truck driver smelled something unusual.

"The bus pulled over and emergency response came out and handled the situation," said McGuire.

Traffic was reduced to a crawl on both sides of the interstate as fire crews managed to put out the flames. No one was on the bus at the time. The tow truck driver was not injured.

Officials say the bus was totaled in the flames.

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