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Boston Globe Writer Bob Ryan On The Super Bowl And Cam Newton

Bob Ryan is a long time columnist for the Boston Globe and a tv analyst for ESPN.

Bob joined Ed and Steve to talk about the Super Bowl, and if the Patriots are being criticized in Boston.

Bob started off by talking about Peyton Manning's legacy and if this game will change that saying "you view him in a totally different set of circumstances currently he's Alex Smith, and maybe not even that good...he has the components to surround him and he can maximize them." Bob also talked about Bill Belichick and if he is being criticized in Boston saying "he is being criticized by more people for the way he ran things during the season...he certainly approached the final game of the season in Miami in an unusual way."

When asked about Cam Newton's comments on being an African American QB Bob said "as usual an athlete should leave the historical references to people who know better...has he never heard of Randall Cunningham?...he's not the first but he's the best." Bob continued on the topic of Cam criticism saying "he's right about the hip hop culture, and it's an old white guy thing...we've gone long past the black quarterback thing."

Bob also talked about the Dennis Wideman incident of basically cross checking a referee from behind in the NHL saying "if he plays another second this season than that league is a disgrace...he's done, he's gone, see you later."

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