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Baltimore's Ceasefire Organizer Gifted Car To Continue Her Work Around The State

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Ceasefire weekends aren't stopped by the weather.

Rain or snow, Errika Bridgeford and her volunteers make their presence known at murder scenes in Baltimore.

"We are addressing murder in a very different way, by showing up and saying we love this person and this person matters," Bridgeford said.

But showing up isn't easy with a car constantly breaking down. So, Steven Fader, CEO of Mileone Auto Group, turned over the keys to a Volkswagon SUV.

"The only thing I want for this is a t-shirt," Fader said. "Thank you so much,"

This act of generosity came from Fader seeing a GoFundMe page set up by Erricka's friends to buy her a car.

"Oh my goodness!" She screamed when she saw the donated car.

This car now means Bridgeford can use the $12,000 GoFundMe money for Baltimore Ceasefire projects.

"It's going to relieve so much stress. It means I can travel all over the state doing my peace work that I do without having to worry about breaking down," She said.

She said she's never owned anything like it.

"So many gadgets!" She said.

The gift may be from a car dealer, but it feels far larger to her.

"Oh, I'm so grateful. Baltimore did this. Anybody tell you, 'Oh throw the whole city in the trash,' we can't afford to throw Baltimore into the trash, because it's one of the best lights in this world," Bridgeford said.

That light- now visible through a sunroof.

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