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Attorneys Say Charges Against Officer In Freddie Gray's Death 'Unjust'

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Grand jury indictments against the six officers accused in the death of Freddie Gray could come down any day. Now attorneys for one of those officers are fighting back, saying their client is unjustly charged.

Meghan McCorkell has more on their arguments.

Attorneys for Sgt. Alicia White say their client only interacted with Freddie Gray for a few seconds. They say that's not enough for the charges against her.

Involuntary manslaughter, assault and misconduct in office. Those are the charges facing Sgt. Alicia White.

"She was in the wrong place at the wrong time and had nothing to do with this," said her attorney, Tony Garcia.

Investigators say White wasn't involved in Gray's arrest but she was sent to investigate after two citizens complained about it.

According to court documents, White first encountered the van Gray was inside in the 16-hundred block of W. North AVenue, its final stop.

The state's attorney says White saw Gray lying on the floor of the van. When she attempted to speak to him, he didn't respond.

"She made no effort to look or assess or determine his condition. Despite Mr. Gray's seriously deteriorating condition, no medical assistance was rendered," said City State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby.

When White again encountered Gray---after the van reached the police station---Gray wasn't breathing. White's attorneys say the sergeant only interacted with Gray for 15 seconds.

"She had a very short window of time because when she's there, he was already in the van. He was already arrested and cuffed and already in the car," Garcia said.

Garcia says state's attorney Marilyn Mosby put speed in front of justice in filing the charges. While the FOP has called for Mosby to recuse herself, Garcia says he'd prefer to face her in court.

"When the music stops, I want her to be in the courtroom. Right here. Face the accuser," he said.

All six officers are set to appear in district court May 27.

White is the second highest ranking police officer charged in the death of Freddie Gray. She has been with the city police department since 2010. She was recently promoted to sergeant.

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