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Attorney Of Baltimore Man Alleging Police Brutality Releases New Video

BALTIMORE (WJZ)—New details are released in the case of alleged brutality at the hands of police. Cell phone cameras caught the brutal beating of a man who claims excessive force.

Rochelle Ritchie reports the victim's attorney says police used life-threatening action.

The Baltimore Police Department released a video of the beating last week. Well, the latest video released by the victim's attorney shows what happened leading up to the batons and Tasers being used.

The new cell phone video shows the beating of Jamar Kennedy outside of Melba's Place.

Kennedy can be seen in a white t-shirt; his back is to one officer, who uses a baton to hit him multiple times. As he was kneeling, he his zapped with a Taser.

The results of the altercation: a bloody mess. Pictures show Kennedy bleeding from the face and with a swollen eye.

Baltimore City Police promise to investigate the incident thoroughly.

"I have not come to any conclusion at this point. Every action and inaction will be reviewed in question and up to policy and asked if that action was necessary," said Commissioner Anthony Batts.

Cases like these are nothing new for Baltimore City. In June, an officer was caught on video beating a man at a bus stop. And our media partner, the Baltimore Sun, found in its investigation that more than 100 people have won settlements and judgments that cost city tax payers $11.5 million over the last four years.

WJZ spoke to a man who did not want to use his name but says he received $170,000 after he was brutally beaten by police.

"Yes, I thought I wasn't going to make it that day," he said.

It's not just men being paid high dollars for brutality cases. Women are too.

"He was grinding myself into the pavement," one woman said.

The dozens of cases are now a call for a federal investigation of the police department by Rev. Heber Brown.

"It's going to take a multi-prong approach to get this done," Brown said.

City Council members say the excessive force cases are alarming but not reflective of all officers.

"What we have to do is strengthen what we can strengthen to allow our department to get rid of these bad apples and get them off the street," said Councilman Brandon Scott.

The officers who were on paid administrative pending the investigation surrounding the beating of Kennedy returned to work Tuesday.

Baltimore City Police say they are reviewing the footage.

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