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In Dallas, Governor Abbott rallies support for school choice

In Dallas, Governor Abbott rallies support for school choice
In Dallas, Governor Abbott rallies support for school choice 02:09

DALLAS ( - Friday night lights -- political style.

At a Parents Matter tailgate at First Baptist Academy in Dallas, Governor Greg Abbott rallied support for his vision of school choice. 

He told parents and students, "One of the freedoms we believe in is the freedom of parents to choose what is right for their child and that's what school choice is about."

During a special legislative session Abbott intends to call next month, he wants lawmakers to pass a bill that would establish taxpayer-financed education savings accounts, allowing some public school students to attend private schools. 

"Right now, more than ever we need to be putting finances into our school and whatever we call it whether it be a voucher or education savings account, it's taking needed resources out of our schools, and, right now, that is not acceptable."

The group Moms Against Greg Abbott is airing an ad in rural areas opposing the idea and tells viewers, "Don't let vouchers turn off our Friday Night Lights."

But Shawn Baker, a graduate of First Baptist Academy and whose daughter attends now, said she supports tax dollars being spent to send students to private schools. 

"I guess I look at it, everybody's paying taxes, everybody's putting in those tax dollars," Baker said. "I'm putting tax dollars that go to my kids' education."

The big question is whether Governor Abbott will score a legislative victory this time around. 

In the past, rural Republicans and Democrats in the House have teamed up to block it. 

The Governor said he hopes parents will make a difference. "You can not sit on the sidelines and wait. You have to get on the field yourself. One way you do that is you get involved by making a phone call to your state representative."

Abbott has vowed if school choice doesn't pass during a third special session, he'll have lawmakers tackle it again in a fourth session.

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