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'Yoga Joe' Action Figures Raise Awareness Of Benefits Of Yoga For Military Vets

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) - A San Francisco designer's innovative idea to raise the visibility of his yoga brand is also generating new interest in the fitness routine around the globe.

Dan Abramson wanted to put a twist on a classic product that would inspire boys and young men to give yoga a try.

"We were trying to think of funny things to do with my dude-centric yoga bags, Brogamats. We thought 'what could we make do yoga, that doesn't belong,'" recalled Abramson. "I thought the idea was definitely worth pursuing, and spent the next year trying to figure out how to make them."

Abramson says he started by trying to melt and re-sculpt existing figures before eventually using 3D software to design and print the green guys just how he wanted them. He posted some photos online, and the serenity soldiers became an instant hit in the Yoga community.

"I was pretty blown away when I posted it to the yoga subreddit, it took the most popular post of all time in just 13 hours," said Abramson. "The response has been incredible. I'm getting contacted by people from all over the world, telling me how much they love Yoga Joes...I've been getting messages from people in the Navy, the Army, as well as yoga instructors who specialize in treating vets with PTSD. They love the idea and want to use the concept to get more of vets in the door."

Abramson has since launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production and distribution of the toys.

"But the coolest part of this experience has been talking with non-profits organizations, who think these toys can actually do some good."

At the very least, he's given new meaning to the term "warrior pose."



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