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UC Berkeley Rolls Out Sexual Harassment Survey To Campus Of 56,000

BERKELEY (KPIX 5) – UC Berkeley wants to hear from students and staff about sexual harassment.

A new UC Berkeley survey aims to make the voices of students, faculty and its staff heard.

A new website and video has been launched encouraging everyone to take the confidential multiple choice survey.

The survey will go out to all 56,000 people on campus on Monday.

"The results will be made available to the public," said Sharon Inkelas, a UC Berkeley professor and a faculty advisor to the chancellor on sexual violence and sexual harassment.

We asked Inkelas for some sample questions.

"Some of the questions ask people if they have ever experienced sexual harassment, stalking, intimate partner violence, sexual violence. Some of the questions ask people if they are aware of centers on campus - like the Title IX Office or an office we call the Path To Care Center - which is a confidential resource," Inkelas said.

She says the information will help the university create a safer environment.

The UC system and Berkeley in particular, have received negative attention in recent years over reports that professors sexually harassed students and other staff, and that the administration was slow to protect victims.

"Of course at Berkeley we have been dealing with this for a while, like many other universities, but the moment is certainly ripe now to do a survey of this and find out on our campus what people's awareness and attitudes are around sexual violence and sexual harassment," Inkelas said.

The online survey is conducted by an independent research organization and other universities have already offered the same survey.

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