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Thousands pack Alameda County Fair, despite the heat

Heat doesn't stop attendees from packing the Alameda County Fair
Heat doesn't stop attendees from packing the Alameda County Fair 01:55

A large portion of the inland Bay Area was under a heat advisory Saturday, including Pleasanton, where the Alameda County Fair is taking place.

But the one day heat wave didn't stop thousands of people from filling the fair grounds, although Daniel Rosales did think about staying home.

"We almost didn't come," said Rosales. "About to turn around, it was 100. But the kids weren't going to let us not come."

The elevated temperatures did present a moderate risk of heat related illness, but many people were finding ways to cope.

"Beer and a straw hat, you'll be alright," said Rosales.  

Richard Chavez even purchased his whole family some souvenirs to help.

"We did buy a couple of those spray fans that are sold here," said Chavez. "I shouldn't say a couple, everyone bought one. We have like 10 of them."

Other popular spots to beat the heat included a water slide, mist tents, and a shaved ice stand.

But worker Canon Moyer says the heat may not be helping their business as much as people think.

"The people here are coming over and buying shaved ice, but outside of that I think the heat is keeping people away from the fair this weekend," said Moyer about the heat. "Yesterday it was also pretty slow too."

But those who did came out ultimately just decided to embraced the heat.

"It's hot! You've got to enjoy the heat," said Rosales. "It's what you've waited all year long for the summer. It's time to come out."

He says even a hot day at the fair is better than a day in the office.

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