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Survey Finds Many Fans Would Give Up Sex For A Year For A Free Super Bowl Ticket

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) -- So just what length would you go to for a free ticket to the Super Bowl?

The San Francisco 49ers will square off against the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LIV. Ticket prices had soared to an average of $9,175 by Tuesday for the NFL title showdown.

Ticketmaster asked 3,200 NFL fans 18 and older across the country what would they do for a free ticket to the big game and the results were rather eye-opening.

According to the survey results, 35 percent of the respondents said they would give up drinking for a year for a free Super Bowl ticket and 14 percent said they would forgo sex.

Of those who identified themselves as 49ers fans, 21% said they would get an embarrassing tattoo in exchange for seeing San Francisco play live at the Super Bowl in two weeks.

Here are some of the other common behaviors fans said they would give up:

  • 28% would give up their favorite food for one year
  • 21% would give up all of their vacation time from work

Some other interesting finds:

  • 66% of NFL fans think they are their favorite team's biggest fan in their family – 75% of 49ers fans admit they are the biggest fan.
  • 18% of NFL fans have traveled 200+ miles to see their favorite team play in person.

The survey also found some other interesting behavior choices NFL fans make.

Almost half of those responding said they are a house divided when it comes to team loyalty -- 46% of NFL fans have split NFL allegiances with their spouse/significant other.

Nearly 50 percent would considered/would consider naming their pet after a current or legendary NFL player and 28% of NFL fans have considered/would consider naming their child after a current or legendary NFL player.

I guess there will be plenty of Jimmy, Nicks and Georges born in the Bay Area this year.

A quarter of those asked said they have specifically avoided having their wedding take place during football season and 44% said they would miss a major family event to attend their favorite team's game in person.

When it comes to their final attire, 1-in-4 fans would like to be buried in their favorite NFL gear when their time comes.\

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