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Store Owner Sues South Bay Woman For Half Of $1 Million In Scratcher Winnings, Claims He Paid For Ticket

SAN JOSE (CBS SF) -- A South Bay woman who won $1 million on a Scratchers ticket says her dream has become a living nightmare after the owner of the store where she purchased the ticket sued her, claiming he was owed half her winnings.

The lawsuit alleges the store's owner fronted Evangelina Reyes the money for the tickets in exchange for half of anything she eventually won.  He claims she signed a handwritten contract promising to pay him $350,000, or half her winnings after taxes.

Reyes said she "never agreed to pay the half the winnings.  Never.  No."

Reyes works on an assembly line, and was planning to put the money toward a family vacation and retirement.

"I don't know why he's doing this.  He's being greedy," Reyes said.

The store owner didn't want to talk on camera.

A judge ordered Reyes to put half the money into a bank account where it can't be touched until the dispute is resolved.

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