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Some Voters Feeling Anxious As They Head To Polls

SAN FRANCISCO (KPX 5) -- Four days out from Election Day, pre-election anxiety is building up for many voters dropping off their ballots and waiting in lines outside polling places.

Psychologists call it Election Anxiety Disorder.

Security has been tight at the San Francisco Voting Center at Civic Center. Streets have been blocked off and there were hardly any lines Friday.

San Francisco resident Tatiana Nakhimovsky told KPIX 5 she wanted to vote in person and see her ballot scanned through a machine.

"I want to make sure my vote will be counted and not depend on these stupid people," said Nakhimovsky.

"Worldwide, we have a terrible economy; San Francisco too. And we have a guy in the White House that doesn't care about people," said Bernal Heights resident Peter Kwong.

Bay Area psychotherapist Dr. Margaret Cochran has seen extreme behavior in clients leading up to this election.

"When the amygdala in your brain begins to fire, the prefrontal cortex -- the part that does the thinking, executive functioning, reasoning and logic -- all that goes off-line. That's when people are apt to make choices when in you're in that mindset that you regret later," said Cochran.

Lavonda Williams and her 71-year-old mother, who drove to the Civic Center from the Bayview even though they could have dropped off their ballots closer to home this weekend, had no regrets.

"I am on pins and needles. You understand what I mean? I'm an African-American in the city in the society and I'm already shaking in my boots," said Williams.

Her mother Janice Powell kept her cool because she has faith.

"I know God's got this. I'm not worried about anything. I know who we voted for is going to come true. I'm happy," said Powell.

"Whatever it is that happens, you then have the power to make decisions and to use discernment about how you use whatever change comes, to move forward," said Dr. Cochran.


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