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Solano County DA Recuses Her Office From 2 Vallejo Police Shooting Investigations

VALLEJO (CBS SF) -- Solano County District Attorney Krishna Abrams announced Thursday afternoon that her office will recuse itself from reviewing the deadly Vallejo police shootings of Willie McCoy and Sean Monterrosa and, instead, kicked the cases back to California attorney general Xavier Becerra.

"Since June 2 ... there have been city, county, state elected officials, numerous community members and the media calling for an independent investigation into these cases," Abrams said in a post to the department's YouTube page.

Abrams said the state attorney general office is the proper agency to investigate the shootings.

Willie McCoy was shot two dozen times last February and Sean Monterrosa was shot and killed in early June. District attorney Abrams now is referring those cases to the California attorney general even though that office originally declined to investigate the June 2 Monterrosa shooting.

"As our attorney general has said himself, when our communities speak up we must listen ... I too am listening and hearing their pleas for an independent investigation," Abrams said.

District attorney Abrams said she's confident her office can conduct a thorough review but that these investigations must be independent to provide confidence in the outcome and restore public trust.

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Last week, the Vallejo Police Department announced it supports the "8 Can't Wait" policy initiatives formed in response to the police killing of George Floyd amid the growing Black Lives Matter movement.

Vallejo police released a statement listing the department's policies it says aligns directly with 8 Can't Wait campaign's list of eight police use-of-force policies it demands all police departments adopt. The campaign was launched days after the killing of George Floyd by Campaign Zero, an activist group launched in 2015 to push proposals aimed at reducing police violence.

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