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Say Goodbye To Your Gun Emoji, Hello To Your Water Gun

CUPERTINO (CBS SF) -- Apple has killed the gun emoji on its new iOS 10 update and replaced it with a toy.

The latest operating system for iPhone and iPad users dropped Tuesday, with 70 new emoji icons. The old rifle emoji has disappeared, and the revolver has evolved into a harmless-looking, bright green squirt gun.

Gun control advocates applauded Apple's decision to dump the handgun emoji when the tech giant announced the changes in August.

The latest batch of iOS 10 emoji features athletes, cops, twins, even hard-hat workers with multiple skin tones and hair colors. It also includes a new LGBT rainbow flag and single-parent family options.

The water pistol emoji has gotten a lot of unpopular reviews from folks who used it on social media to express the urge to "shoot themselves in the head."

One user even got sentimental, saying, "...I'd like to thank the pistol emoji for being there for me when I needed to express my anger. Goodbye, my sweet."

Others expressed a mixture of opinions for and against the removal. writer, producer Jan Mabry is also executive producer and host of The Bronze Report. She lives in Northern California. Follow her on Twitter @janmabr.


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