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Santa Rosa couple charged in fentanyl death of baby daughter plead not guilty

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SANTA ROSA -- A young Santa Rosa couple accused of causing the death of their baby daughter from fentanyl poisoning in May entered a formal plea of not guilty last Friday, the Sonoma County District Attorney's Office has confirmed.

(l-r) Evan Frostick, Madison Bernard  Santa Rosa Police Department

Madison Bernard, 23, and Evan Frostick, 26, were arrested after Bernard says she took fentanyl and then fell asleep with her 15-month-old in bed next to her on May 9. The coroner ruled that Bernard went to sleep surrounded by "loose drugs and paraphernalia" and that the baby had somehow ingested fentanyl and died in what the medical examiner described as an accidental death.

Both parents have been charged with murder and child abuse.

Counsel for the defendants filed what's called a Humphrey motion in August, asking the court to release them from jail pre-trial based on their inability to afford bail. 

The court denied their request and they remain in custody on $100,000 bail.  

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