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Flooded Out San Jose Residents Now Deal With Mold Threat


SAN JOSE (KCBS) – First came the flood, and now many San Jose residents are facing a new threat: black, green and even blue mold. Many homeowners are scrambling to repair water damage before the mold becomes a health concern.

While many of his neighbors' homes are posted with yellow or red tags, Hugo Sanchez received a green tag, meaning it is safe to live there. Sanchez said the flood could have been a lot worse.

"Lucky the water was only a half inch from going into the house," Sanchez told KCBS. "Very close."

But the water did get into his crawl space, and now mold is a concern. "Green and black, disgusting," Sanchez described.

If not taken care of, those microorganisms can spread rapidly.

Santa Clara County Health Officials say mold can cause runny noses, scratchy throats, and people with compromised immune systems can develop serious lung infections.

Sanchez isn't taking any chances, his 18-month-old baby is staying with his grandparents.

"People have to be really careful about the mold because you could get breathing problems," he said.


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