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San Francisco's Substance-Free Morning Rave, 'Daybreaker', Turns One

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— San Francisco's 'Daybreaker'— a morning rave party that happens every three weeks— is part Cirque du Soleil, part German techno club with a little bit of Zumba class thrown in. Hundreds of people, many of them tech workers, turn out to dance at the event, which just celebrated its first birthday, long before most people arrive to their offices.

A Mill Valley mother happily drives her car across the Bay Bridge to attend Daybreaker at Audio Nightclub, located on 11th Street near Folsom. She has twin 8-year-old boys and says it's all about dancing your heart out and sharing in the experience with others who are happy to be there. The latest edition's theme was unplugging from technology.

Daybreaker SF (photo credit: Jeffrey Schaub)

A few ladies take to the sky lit dance floor with lit up hula hoops where a man dressed like Julius Caesar joins them. The crazy outfits are commonplace and no one seems to judge them. Sometimes the music is live and other times a DJ handles the tunes. In either instance it's energetic and rave-like.
One of the attendees named Stephanie comes over from Oakland and explains the feeling of joy, euphoria and connection without the use of substances.

A 45-year-old man is among the crowd. He felt funny going because he just read an article about 40 somethings who shouldn't be partying anymore. Either way, he went and said it was great to be active and to have the energy.

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