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San Francisco Supes To Vote On Ghost Gun Ban

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) -- A bill goes before the San Francisco Board Of Supervisors Tuesday that if approved, will ban the possession and sale of ghost gun kits and parts, according to city officials.

Introduced by Supervisor Catherine Stefani (District 2) and the organization Brady United Against Gun Violence, the bill is the first of its kind targeting the unregulated firearms.

"For too long the unregulated sale of untraceable ghost gun kits has devastated our communities. That stops now," said Stefani. "We have to take every opportunity to address the growing crisis of gun violence in San Francisco, and I hope other counties will do the same."

San Francisco Police say represent a substantial increase in the proportion of all guns seized. The number of ghost guns seized in the city by officers jumped 2,733% from 2016 to 2020. In the first two months of 2021, ghost guns seized by law enforcement in San Francisco increased by 350% compared to 2019. The next year, ghost guns represented over 16% of all firearms seized in San Francisco.

"The 27-fold increase in the number of ghost guns we've been confiscating over the last five years is alarming, and I'm concerned that it's only the tip of the iceberg," said San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott. "The proposed legislation authored by Supervisor Stefani and Brady United Against Gun Violence will give law enforcement an important tool to help reverse this dangerous trend and keep our communities and neighborhoods safer from gun violence."

The bill not only has support from the SFPD and Brady United, but even Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr has pushed the bill.

"As someone whose life and family was affected by gun violence, I know personally why ending this epidemic must remain a priority. Ghost Guns have proliferated in San Francisco, in California, and across the country, as a means for individuals who should not possess firearms to acquire them. These weapons threaten our community and Supervisor Stefani's ordinance will stop the sale of ghost gun parts and kits in our city, the first such law in our state. I am grateful for her strength and leadership on this issue. We need to pass this ordinance," said Steve Kerr, Head Coach of the Golden State Warriors.

Read more about the bill at the San Francisco Board of Supervisors website.

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