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San Francisco Food Truck Operators Seeing Uptick in Business as Omicron Wave Recedes

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) -- With the omicron wave mostly behind, the pace of life is starting to pick back up once again in San Francisco.

Seeing though their unique lens of how the pandemic affects the city, food truck operators are starting to notice an improvement.

"The past couple of weeks have been pretty good," said Jessie Barker, the owner of Media Noche's food truck.

On Wednesday, she joined two other food trucks at Levi's Plaza. It wasn't super busy, but Barker says it wasn't a ghost town either – like it had been in previous months. She's noticed that change at this location, and at other spots they roll to throughout San Francisco.

"Our sales have doubled in the last couple of weeks with people coming back to offices and just kind of - roaming around," she said.

Stroll through the Financial District, you'll see various food trucks parked near large office buildings. Perhaps, they're picking up on the same trend.

There's still a long way's to go – and many companies are still trying to reconfigure their return to the office plans. But, there are new signs of more life in the area popping up every week.

"The past couple of weeks have been pretty good," said Jonah Goldstein. "Business has been getting better and better."

Goldstein is the owner of Aroy Thai, which he runs out of his food trailer. He doesn't really rely on the Financial District clientele, but says he's seen more people out and about around the various locations he serves at all throughout San Francisco.

"Things have just gotten better and better in terms of places that I've been serving at, and, just being smarter about the locations I'm at," he said.

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