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Muni Gets Doctor's Notes From Majority Of Operators Who Called Out Sick, Snarling Commutes

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) -- Muni says a majority of the 1,500 operators who called in sick this week have turned in doctors notes excusing their absences.

The 'sickout' caused messy commutes for passengers that depend on the city's buses and trains Monday and Tuesday over a contract proposal that would have left operators paying more into their pensions.

Commuters were left frustrated by the move.

"I think that they don't deserve to keep a job if they think they can do just what they feel like," Muni rider Eli Walin said.

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15-year veteran operator Max Flores' excuse was valid, but flimsy, saying he stayed home because his wife was having surgery. When asked if he would have normally done that if it weren't for the current contract situation, he admitted, "I would have come to work."

As for the other 1,500 or so operators that called in sick for those days, Muni says they will verify the doctor's notes they have received from the majority of them.

"Well, we're certainly looking at doctor's notes to verify them, and verify them to make sure these are verified doctors and notes," SFMTA Spokesman Paul Rose said.

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