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Ride Sharing Service For Kids Expanding From Silicon Valley To Orange County

KCBS_740 SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) -- A Silicon Valley based ride hailing service for kids is branching out into SoCal.

Zum thinks Orange County will be the perfect fit.

This isn't Uber for kids.

First off, kids don't like it when strange random drivers show up to pick them up - and, parents probably wouldn't be thrilled either. So, Zum founder Ritu Narayan says her drivers are assigned to a certain clan of families.

"The way we have designed this it's like a family, if you had a personal nanny that was taking care of you," Narayan said.

In fact the driver will stay with your kid for the hand off to a parent or soccer coach, for an extra $6 per 15 minutes. Zum, which is spelled Z-U-M, has been in six Bay Area counties, and next week expands to Orange County.

"We looked at multiple options, including Sacramento, main LA itself, San Diego, and Orange County clearly stood out to us for many reasons," Narayan said.

This comes as the much touted Shuddle, a ride share service for kids closed down in spring after running out of startup funds.

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