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Police To Monitor Increase In Dangerous SF Muni Stunts

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— There's a disturbing trend on San Francisco Muni these days that officials say is not only dangerous but wastes time for riders.

It involves forcing the back doors of a Muni bus open either by kicking or using shoulders and jumping out while the bus is still moving. Other witnesses have seen this done through the window's emergency mechanism.

Police Respond To Disturbing And Dangerous Muni Stunt

According to San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, it's happened 10 times in the last nine days on the 14L along Mission Street, although the 38 Geary, the 8X and 9 San Bruno routes have seen incidents like these as well.

Anytime this happens the bus must be pulled from service for inspection and the riders are then stranded.

Muni officials aren't sure if it's happening just for thrills, because they missed their stop, or if they're escaping from some sort of crime.

So far officials are reviewing surveillance tape from the 15 incidents over the last two weeks to find out.

Tampering with a Muni bus while in operation is a criminal offense. Police plan on responding by adding plain-clothed officers to the lines that have seen this trend.

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