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Pleasanton Neighborhood Keeps Lawns Green During Drought Thanks To Free, Recycled Water

PLEASANTON (KPIX 5) -- A Pleasanton neighborhood has come up with quite an operation to keep their lawns green and their plants healthy during the drought. It's legal, drought-friendly and free.

The Dublin-San Ramon Water District has become their local watering hole of sorts.

When Teralyn Fredericks heard they offered free water, she immediately became a 'frequent filler.'

So did her neighbors.

They are all filling up with recycled water. It is not for drinking, but it has been used, treated, and is safe for watering outside.

"Once you register and take a ten minute course you get a card and can come as many times a day as you want," said Fredericks.

The Dublin-San Ramon Water District's Residential Recycled Water Program is the first of its kind in the country. In the first six months, people hauled away 2.3 million gallons of free water.

That's exactly what Fredericks and her neighbors have been doing. She hauls a huge 100-gallon tank to the fill station, fills it up, and once home, she and her son Tanner empty it onto their green lawn. Then, she takes the tank over to the neighbors across the street.

"My neighbor bought the tank, and we bought the pump," said Fredericks. "Their grass was completely brown two weeks ago."

It isn't brown anymore.

Practically her entire street is on board with this new concept of watering. The lawns on Frederick's block have never looked better.

Neighbors are convinced there must be something special about this recycled water because their plants are so healthy and the lawns have never look so good.

In fact, the water is rich in potassium, nitrates and all the things river water would have, according to water district officials. They said it's almost better than fertilizer.


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