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Pleasanton Apartment Complex Living Without Running Water For 4 Days, Residents Using Porta Potties

PLEASANTON (KPIX 5) -- Residents of an apartment complex in Pleasanton have been living in misery. For the past four days, they have lived without running water.
After a water main broke late last week, the faucets, toilets and showers at the Springhouse Apartments have been dry.

The situation has devolved into porta potties being placed in the parking lot. Flushing is only an option for residents who use water from the pool. "They've got one porta pottie for every two buildings," said resident Casey Evans.

"I went to work this morning without taking a shower. It's gross. It's not ok," said Rachael Perez, also a Springhouse resident.

People who live at the complex received a notice that said water should be flowing again by 8 p.m. Tuesday, which many are taking with several grains of salt.

"Every note that I have says, we're hoping for tomorrow," Evans said.

Residents said were told that they could get hotel vouchers, which never materialized. People tried to check in to hotels in Pleasanton, only to find out they were all booked up.

The residents were also told they would get a discount on rent for each day the complex is without water, but they are skeptical.

As crews try to fix the situation, there is no water for the sprinklers or fire hydrants. The fire department told KPIX 5 that they have enough hydrants nearby to put out a fire, if there is one.

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