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Petition To Ban Brazilian Netflix Film Depicting Jesus As Gay Gains Traction

ALAMEDA (KPIX 5) -- Millions of people have signed a petition for Netflix to immediately remove a Brazilian film that depicts Jesus as a gay man.

The movie is called "The First Temptation of Christ." The petition on has received more than two million signatures as of Wednesday night and it wants the parody removed from the Los Gatos-based streaming giant's selection.

The petition is also asking the film company, "Porta dos Fundos," to be held responsible for the crime of "villainous faith." It's also asking for a public retraction, saying the film has seriously offended Christians.

The petition has the goal of reaching three million signatures. But on Christmas Tree Lane in Alameda, people were preaching tolerance.

"The idea of Jesus represents a lot of different people and a lot of different things so it allows people to feel included when they need to have the comfort of the church," said resident Shawn.

"Tolerance is a creation of new ideas. It doesn't mean that tradition is lost, but it can be tweaked," said Justine.

"If you believe in Jesus and the message that he stands for, what difference does his sexual orientation make?" asked Clay.

KPIX reached out to Netflix for comment, but we have not heard back from the company as of Wednesday night.

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