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One Faithful 49ers Fan's Support of the Team Spans Generations

SAN JOSE (KPIX) -- Plenty of Niners fans will be in Los Angeles to cheer on the team this weekend, but one lifelong member of the 49er Faithful who will be in the stands had his destiny shaped by a decision his father made in the 1950s.

The 49ers are a big part of Pat Lemucchi's life.

If you go to his office in San Jose, you'll find 49ers trinkets everywhere, from his keyboard to supplies on his desk to the decorations on the walls.

At his home, he has a 49ers shrine filled with memorabilia.

"If you look up the word faithful in the dictionary, you'll find a picture of Pat," Lemucchi said about himself.

He and his daughter are pictured on the front of the 2011 season ticket holder handbook.

"That was pretty cool," he said.

In 1952, when the 49ers called Kezar Stadium their home field, his father, Leo Lemucchi, got his hands on season tickets. He took Pat with him to his first 49ers game in 1969 when Pat was five years old.

70 years and three stadiums later, the Lemucchi family still has season tickets.

"How many 49ers games have I been to in my career? That's north of 500," Lemucchi said. "I grew up with it in the family. Since I was a five-year-old kid. I've been going to games for 50 something years. It's in my blood."

Ever since that first game with his dad, Lemucchi's faith in the 49ers has only grown stronger. He'll be bringing it with him to SoFi Stadium this weekend. It will be the second time he'll see the Niners take on the Rams in the NFC Championship game.

"I'm all in for this weekend. We'll be there, ready to rock," he said. "I'm hoping to see about 65% Niners fans there, and a sea or red."

He hopes Sundays Conference Championship game plays out similarly to the 1989-90 NFC Title game between the 49ers and the Rams, where the Niners won 30-3, led by Joe Montana.

"That was in the middle of a very great run for one of the best teams in NFL history, in my book. It was a dominant performance. They kicked their butts, it was awesome," he said. "I think they've got as good a chance as anybody remaining, and if they play mistake free football, they can move on."

That was just one of countless 49ers memories for this faithful fan, who is grateful his family can be a part of the 49ers family for another season, with a real shot at the Super Bowl.

"It goes back to my father, Leo Lemucchi. If it wasn't for him starting in 1952 and getting season tickets and being held all this whole time, I wouldn't be the biggest fan that I am," he said. "So I owe it all to my father."

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