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Oakland school garden built by Steph & Ayesa Curry's foundation vandalized

Steph and Ayesha Curry seek to raise millions for Oakland schools
Steph and Ayesha Curry seek to raise millions for Oakland schools 05:01

Over the weekend, someone vandalized Global Family Elementary School's garden, which was built two years ago by a foundation run by Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry and his wife Ayesha, according to the Oakland Unified School District.

The person damaged planters and the irrigation system in the school's garden, as well as breaking a wooden bench, according to images sent by the district along with a press release. 

"It's unfortunate that anyone would think that causing this kind of damage anywhere would be fun, funny, or a good idea," the district said in the press release. "It only served to hurt the students and staff at the school."  

The couple's charity Eat.Learn.Play. was founded in 2019, providing meals, safe play areas and access to books for Oakland students, particularly those form underpriveliged backgrounds. 

"These kids deserve an opportunity to achieve their full potential, especially those from the Black and Brown communities," Steph Curry told CBS News in a report in September 2023.

"It's the fact that these are three very simple things in life that every child should have access to, and so when you're not afforded these things, it's like, how can I even dream?" Ayesha Curry said.

As of last year, the charity has distributed 25 million meals, revitalized 12 play areas and invested $6 million in literacy programs.

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