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Oakland Police Investigating Vandalism Attack On Mayor Libby Schaaf's Home

OAKLAND (CBS SF) -- Police in Oakland are investigating the early Tuesday morning vandalism of Mayor Libby Schaaf's home that included splatters of red paint and sidewalk graffiti that appeared to be messages related to the Black Lives Matter movement.

In addition to the splatters of red paint on the front of the Mayor's home, video from Chopper 5 showed the messages "Wake Up Libby," "Take Responsibility Now" and what appeared to say "Black Blood On Your Hands."

According to authorities, the vandals arrived at the home at around 2 a.m. In addition to the graffiti, the vandals allegedly shot projectiles at the Mayor's house and set off fireworks.

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Neighbors described what happened during the early morning incident.

"At about 2 o'clock this morning, I hear a lot of very loud voices and explosions that woke me out of a sound sleep," said neighbor Alcides Rodriguez.

The explosions were fireworks that were accompanied by spray-painted messages, some profane, on the sidewalk and even more on the mayor's garage door -- right beneath a Black Lives Matter poster in a window.

Neighbors say the early morning protest and vandalism are counter productive.

"Those people who peacefully protest and aren't making a mess or leaving trash or destroying someone's property, I respect and I agree with the need for us to make some changes to our police department. I'm right there with them. But when people damage property, it defeats our cause," said neighbor Dr. Sharon Durosseiu

Community activist and onetime Schaaf mayoral opponent Cat Brooks doesn't approve of the tactics, but said she understands the frustration.

"Should people have vandalized her home? Nah, that shouldn't have happened. Are people incredibly angry with her? Yeah," Brooks told KPIX 5.

The Oakland Police Department confirmed it is investigating the incident and that officers were looking for video surveillance and any witnesses who saw the attack as well as any other additional investigative information.

Mayor Schaaf's office also issued a statement.

"An attack at the home of a publicly elected official does not advance democracy," the statement from Justin Berton, a spokesperson for Mayor Libby Schaaf, read. "This attack, designed to intimidate the Mayor and strike fear into her family, will not stop her from advocating for the policies she believes are in the best long-term interests of her beloved hometown. Like all Oaklanders, she supports passionate protest but does not support tactics meant to harm and terrorize others."

While the mayor has been vocal in her support of the Black Lives Matter protests in Oakland in the wake of George Floyd's death at the hands of police in Minneapolis, she has also been the focal point of some protests.

In June during a large march that included thousands of people, protesters went to what they believed to be the mayor's home to demand that she defund the Oakland Police Department.

Andria Borba contributed to this story.

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