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Napa Quake: Assessing The Damages

NAPA (CBS) -- Inspectors spent Monday on the streets of Napa checking for damage in the wake of Sunday's 6.0 earthquake.


Nineteen structures have been red-tagged, bring the total to 64. More than 100 structures are yellow-tagged, allowing owners and residents inside for short periods of time.


Crews were working around-the-clock to get running water to everyone in the area.

They discovered more than 90 water main breaks and leaks. Only 8 ruptures have been fixed. Napa Water District is bringing in help. No word as to when all the repairs will be finished.


Schools will remain closed on Tuesday. There will be an announcement at 1 p.m. Tuesday as to whether classes can resume on Wednesday. The Boys and Girls Club and Parks and Recreation Center are open to help parents with child care while the schools are closed.

All but one school in the District has water and electricity. Internet service was restored Monday. At the District offices, there's a leak above the front steps where the quake ruptured a fire sprinkler. Just next door, teachers and staff at Napa High spent the day cleaning up.

The superintendent said it's too early to tell how much the damage and repairs will cost the District.


The First Presbyterian Church at 3rd and Randolph has been red-tagged. Bricks have dislodged around the bell tower and the large stained-glass windows on the front are gone. The Methodist church a few blocks away is also red tagged.

In Vallejo, the First Baptist Church on Sonoma Boulevard is at risk of collapsing. The street has been closed between Carolina and Florida streets as a precaution, as well as a school across the street, while engineers determine whether it is safe.


Napa's historic courthouse is closed. Authorities red-tagged the building and said it is too dangerous to enter. Tests are being performed to determine whether it is structurally sound. Meantime, all court proceedings have been moved to the criminal court buildings on Third Street.




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