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Hayward Girl Saves Dad In 2-Story House Fire

HAYWARD (CBS SF) -- Firefighters say a girl's heroic actions and fire safety training she learned in school helped to save her dad from a two-story house fire in Hayward Thursday morning.

When 9-year-old Galaxy Kong saw smoke and flames inside her home located near Mt. Eden High School, she woke up her father. That's when her fire safety skills kicked into action.

"I saw the window and told my dad to open it," she said.

Hayward Fire Captain Don Nichelson says Kong also remembered another crucial fire tip.

"She paid attention when we do fire safety training at schools," he said. "She put a towel under the door -- it blocks the smoke from under the door."

The she and her dad headed for an open window on the second floor. Kong's dad said his daughter was leading the way the entire time.

Kong says escaping out the window was their only chance to avoid the flames.

"There was too much smoke," she said. "I couldn't stand it, so I went out the window with my dad."

A nearby construction crew helped assist them safely out the window.

While wrapped in a blanket given to her by a neighbor, Kong says besides school, she's also studied up on fire safety at home through books and movies.

The fire was extinguished within about 20 minutes after it was reported at about 7 a.m., Nichelson said.

No injuries were reported in the fire, which authorities say most likely started in the kitchen.




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