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GameDay: Need More Than Just Deion Sanders' Word On Alleged 49ers Player Mutiny Against Harbaugh

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) -- Shortly after the 49ers beat the Eagles, Jim Harbaugh walked into the press conference room with a little more jump in his step, a bit more pep in his words, and a much needed smile.

A reporter asked the head coach if the victory was a morale booster. "Good for MY morale," he said with a smile.

The morale booster lasted less than 24 hours. Former 49er and current NFL analyst Deion Sanders dropped a bombshell Sunday evening, citing unnamed sources that Jim Harbaugh is "not on the same page" with the players and that they "want [Harbaugh] out."

Harbaugh met with the media on Monday afternoon and fired one across Sanders' bow. "Personally, I think that's a bunch of crap,"

"If someone has a good story to tell, they want to put their name to it," said Harbaugh. "If I had a good story to tell, I'd want to put my name to it, so I don't put a lot of credibility to the unnamed source."

Another former 49er and current ESPN analyst Trent Dilfer described the 49er's locker room as "toxic," although he clarified his position later in the afternoon on 95.7 radio saying he was referring to the play on the field, not the situation in the locker room.

If Harbaugh was a bombardier in WWII he couldn't have hit the target any more precisely with his retort on Sander's unnamed source. No current 49er player has said anything publicly against Harbaugh. It would be foolish to assume that all 53 players are behind the head coach in any NFL locker room, but to suggest that a mutiny is in the offing by way of an unnamed source is, well, "a bunch of crap."

If Deion Sanders, or any reporter or analyst, wants to opine about a head coach's relationship with the team, that person has to bring more substance to the story. If you're going to railroad someone's career, you'd better come to the party with a few more whens, whats, whys, or hows. For example, why are the players not "down with their head coach?" How many players? Half the team? One quarter? Can you give me one example of what they're not "down" with?

I'm not going to preach journalism 101, but part of the problem with today's need for speed is the lack of accountability, credibility and accuracy in reporting. In some ways, the media has become less factual and more speculative. Don't let the facts get in the way of a good story, right?

What Sanders says could have merit. But he simply does not have enough information to just throw it out there and force everyone else to react.

What a bunch of crap.

See you on TV.

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