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Drew Barrymore Tells How Her Wild Years Have Made Her a Better Mom

SAN FRANCISCO (LIVE 105) - With an amazing list of major movie credits to her name, Drew Barrymore is one of the few child stars to find even more success in adulthood. Of course, that doesn't mean the transition was easy. In her new book, Wildflower, Barrymore reveals what it was like facing stardom at a young age, how she coped with being an emancipated minor at the age of 14 and how life as a mother has changed her perspective.

On Thursday, Barrymore called-in to Live 105's morning radio show "Kevin Klein Live" to discuss the book and her appearance at the Castro Theater. At her appearance, she is scheduled for a Q&A session and to sign copies of her book Wildflower, however, don't expect her to sing. The star revealed on=air, that staying on key isn't exactly her strong suit.

When asked about her responsibilities as a mother, Barrymore couldn't help but laugh. Having been a rebellious "wild child", she thinks it's only karma that ended up with two girls of her own. Kevin pointed out that it'll be tougher for her daughters to lie to her, since Barrymore already knows all the tricks in the book. The actress agreed, adding that she's "more conservative now (as a mom)".

Later, Barrymore admitted she's already preparing for her daughters to become teens. "I've got all kinds of rules ready. Curfew rules, bikini rules, you name it," she said.

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