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Deals Becoming Rarer and Rarer as Gas Prices Surge

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) -- If you stop at the corner of 4th and Bryant Streets for gas in San Francisco, you might be leaving with lighter pockets than expected. There, a gallon of regular unleaded will cost you $5.85.

If you're willing to drive 2.2 miles, you can get a discount of 1.70 per gallon. It's at the Touchless Station on the corner of Divisadero and Oak, where regular unleaded is only 4.17 per gallon. But, unsurprisingly -- there's a catch. This is a fire sale on gasoline.

Roy and Patty Schimek are going out of business. "We're selling of the inventory, get it while it's hot," Patty told KPIX5. The couple estimates it will take three more days before they're out of gas and closed for good. The property is sold and will become mixed use commercial and apartments.

In Marin County, a gallon of regular will cost $4.89/gallon off of Sir Francis Drake.

Just down Highway 101, however, lives a 50 cent a gallon discount at the Arco on Redwood Highway Frontage Road in Mill Valley, where lines regularly backup onto the freeway.

"If you're a local in Marin, you know that this Arco along the freeway is usually the most reasonable around. So if you can wait to get gas, this is where most people go - especially the locals," said Darrell Roary.

Patrick DeHaan with Gas Buddy says OPEC is increasing oil production by 400,000 barrels a month and gas prices might have finally peaked. "The price of oil has gone down, so it's possible that prices start to recede in the days ahead of Thanksgiving," DeHaan told KPIX5.

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