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'It's A Multi-Generational Show': Courtney Nichole On Season 2 Of BET's 'Assisted Living'

(CBS Local)--Season two of Tyler Perry's "Assisted Living" is back on BET and actor Courtney Nichole is excited for fans to see what's going on with Leah, Jeremy, Mr. Brown and Cora. Actors David Mann and Tamela Mann reprised their roles from "Meet the Browns" and the series has already been greenlit for another season after this one.

CBS Local's DJ Sixsmith caught up with Nichole to preview season two, discuss what it's like to work with Tyler Perry and how she went from being a school teacher to an actor in Hollywood.

"It's been a great transition. We are having a really good season two and I'm just so grateful," said Nichole. "I think all of this happening during a global pandemic is just mind-blowing. To think about the dreams that you have when you're young and when they say they are going to be bigger than you can ever imagine being, I think this is that. We opened with 6.6 million viewers for the first episode of season one, which is amazing. We were renewed for seasons two and three. We got picked up for two more seasons. It's a multi-generational show."

Nichole loves how well received the series has been. One of the best parts of the experience has been getting to know and working with Perry. The actor really admires the type of man Perry is and the universe he has created on BET.

"What's most impressive is the ship that Tyler Perry runs," said Nichole. "You know a corporation or a small business is a great business when it starts at the top and the excellence and the expectations start at the top. We go to work in excellence every day over there. I think that's one of the best things about being in Mr. Tyler Perry's camp. We've seen Mr. Perry do so many things. I think the week our show came out, it was announced that he was a billionaire in Forbes. We've also seen him give to the community and the elderly during the pandemic. He made sure that while we were there filming, people who wanted to get the vaccine were able to get it."

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