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Sonoma County Board Of Supervisors Vote Against Plan For Koi Nation Casino In Windsor

WINDSOR (KPIX) -- Lawmakers and residents in Windsor are pushing back on a plan that would turn 68 acres into a $60 million Indian casino and resort.

The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors made a statement Tuesday against the Indian tribe's proposal, but the issue is far from over. There are many neighbors against the casino, especially those living in a small community of homes directly across the street from the proposed project.

"That would be really difficult to live with," said Joan, a resident. "Our whole lifestyles would change."

Joan has been living in her home for 30 years. She never imagined a casino resort would end up being her next door neighbor and she's not the only one.

Her neighbor Ann Weber agrees.

"I hear people saying it will bring jobs and it will be great for the economy but why right here is my question."

The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors unanimously voted to oppose the Koi Nation Resort and Casino development, Tuesday. The Board cited in the resolution that the Koi is a "non-Sonoma County tribe".

Koi Nation responded in a statement saying it is surprised and troubled by the resolution.

"The Koi Nation has been, and will continue to be, open and transparent throughout the process of taking our land into trust for the benefit of our members and the entire Sonoma community," said the statement.

While local supervisors oppose the project, it will be ultimately up to the United State Department of the Interior to give the go ahead on the project. Neighbors hope it takes into consideration some of their concerns.

"Evacuation and water," said Joan. "But mostly evacuation because getting out of here because it's not easy."

"There are already a lot of casinos in the neighborhood, and this is a family neighborhood," Weber added. If they want to build it, maybe behind Walmart. Somewhere where there aren't families."

Now that this issue is at the federal level, it could take years for a final decision on the project.

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