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Cast of Twilight Talk R-Pats' Underwear & The Final Film

Cast of 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2'
Cast of 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' (Photo by Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images)

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) - As many flock to theaters to see the final installment of the Twilight films, Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2, CBS 5's Liam Mayclem sat down with Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and Michael Sheen to discuss their surprise at the fans the movie has created and what they took home from the set.

"I took a lot of underwear to be honest. I did that on all the movies," Robert revealed to Liam. "They have the best underwear and I have no idea where they get it from. I use it every day."

Kristen and Taylor were in disbelief when they heard this news.

"Underwear? That's so weird. [I took] a bunch of bras," Kristen joked. "I took the rings. I have the engagement ring, the moon ring, and the wedding ring which are really, truly quite important to me."

Taylor agreed.

"Why did he want underwear? I didn't steal any underwear, didn't steal any socks. I'm sure they would have been okay if I had taken some underwear," he said. "There's a few things I wish I would have taken. The motorcycle that Jacob drives. I wish I could have that."

While Robert shocked everyone with his tendency to steal underwear, vampire villain Michael Sheen said there will be a few surprises for the viewers this time around.

"There are things in this film, no matter how well you know the books or the stories, there's going to be stuff that maybe drops your jaw at certain points," he said.

As for the fans, Taylor says it's hard to believe their commitment.

"It continues to blow my mind every single day with the fans," he said. "They never fail to amaze me. It's because they've grown and grown and grown. They've never stopped."

Kristen said she's never seen anything like it herself.

"It's so rare. It's such a group experience," she said. "I've never done a movie that has elicited that response ever."

Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 now playing in the theaters everywhere.

- Annie Reuter, CBS Local

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