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Candlestick Park Demolition Offering Stark Images Of Disintegrating Stadium

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) -- There was a time when the popular preference for doing away with Candlestick Park was for a spectacular implosion, much like has been done with other stadiums - with the signature moment captured in videos and photos.

However, with the decision to dismantle the 'Stick piece-by-piece instead of in one fell swoop, the slow-motion disintegration is providing many moments and images to record as longtime fans reflect on end of the Candlestick era.

As March comes to an end, the demolition of the stadium recalls the days some 45 years ago, when the construction was under way to enclose the open-ended stadium to accommodate the 49ers, who ended their run at Kezar Stadium with the end of the 1970 season.

One drone pilot also got an up-close look at the demolition; paired with the Journey song 'Lights' – another fan favorite – and the effect could be tear-jerking for the legions of former Candlestick denizens.

Candlestick Park Demolition by Douglas Thron FAA certified pilot March 2015 aerial drone video by Douglas Thron on YouTube

The contractor estimates the demolition to be complete by May to make way for a development project that will include a hotel, shopping center and residential units.


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